Therapy Intensives & Business Coaching for Healing Professionals



Therapy intensives for therapists and healing professionals

I work with helpers from all around Virginia who often want to see a therapist outside of their home community either weekly or on an as needed basis. I offer a mixture of telehealth and in-office intensives. Contact me and together we can decide if what you are needing and wanting fits within the scope of my practice and this model.

Start your own practice.

Start your own practice.

Business Coaching for Therapists

Have you always wanted to start a private practice “one day” and is agency work making “one day” sooner than later?  Do you own a private practice and love the clinical work but hate the business side of things?  Is your practice aligned with what you want out of your life?  Are there changes that you need to make to your private practice and need accountability and support?  

I offer one-on-one consultation with therapists who are thinking about starting a practice to therapists who own a practice and need help with a particular facet of their business.  I will take deep breaths with you, do lots of math with you, and help with skills and systems.  Please call me at (434) 260-1608 or email me at for a free 15 minute consultation.